Login to your Markate account.

Step 1: Go to Schedule > Tasks > +Add Task


Step 2: Enter Task details and click Save to just Save the current task, Save and New to Save the current one and immediately open the same screen to create another task.


Step 3: Once you click Save, a pop up appears where you have the option to click on any calendar to add the task to your calendar. Click Close.


Step 4: Once task has been saved, you can see it under the Active tab if it’s Active or under Completed tab if you have marked it as Completed.


Here are some shortcuts to create Tasks,

1. You can have a quick view of all the tasks. Simply click on the Tasks icon on top right as shown in the below screenshot. You can also Add Task, mark it Active/Completed or delete the task from there.


2. You can also add Task from Schedule page. Click Create Event > Add Task.


3. You can also click on any date in the Markate Calendar and Add Task as shown in the below screenshot.




Below is the video on the same,