Login to your Markate account.

Step 1: Go to Marketing > Postcard on Demand


Step 2: Click +New Postcard


Step 3: You will be directed to the Postcards Campaign page. Enter Campaign Name and Postcard Return Address. Click Save and Continue.


Step 4: It navigates to Postcards Campaign page on Postcard Front tab where you can edit Postcard Front design. Click Continue after editing.


Step 5: Now, here you can design Postcard Back design. Click Continue after editing.


Step 6: It will navigate to Select Customers tab, select All my Customers with Address if you want to send to all customers from your Customers list, select To a Customer Group if you want to send to a particular set of Customers or select Only to Certain Customers if you want to select individual Customer. Click Continue.


Step 7: Here is the preview of Postcard you are about to send. Click Continue to confirm.


Step 8: It navigates to Purchase tab, enter Credit Card details and click Purchase.


And, You get the Order Confirmation for your Postcard order. You can also download Invoice PDF for the same.


Below is the video on the same,