Following features are available for your account. You can enable/ disable any time.


Ask for Review                                                $10.00/month

Request customers to leave a review for you on Yelp, Facebook, Google, BBB, Nextdoor or Markate all through automation. Set this up once and you’ll never have to worry about requesting reviews again.


Online Booking Form                                   $10.00/month

Ensure you’re available for fast online booking before your competitors are. Online booking provides your customers the ability to view your services, see your available dates and times and book directly online from your website.



Virtual Number                                              $10.00/month

Select your own personal Virtual Number to send out all your Markate text messages and prevent messages from getting lost in cyberspace if your customers reply to the generic Markate number. Their response will be sent to the Markate chat so you will have the ability to respond to their message using your business phone number.


Lead Contact Form                                        $10.00/month

Rest easy knowing you’re still gaining customers while busy on the job or sleeping. Simply customize your contact form and have it embedded on your website. You will get notified instantly on your Markate app and email when a contact form has been submitted.


Employees                                     $10.00/month/Employee

Our Employee app allows you to set permissions on what each employee is allowed to have access to. Our chat feature makes it possible for them to seamlessly communicate with you, eliminating possible miscommunications. They also have the ability to take before and after pictures and get before and after signatures. Once a job is scheduled, your employee will instantly be notified. They’ll be able to see the time, location, and details for that upcoming job. With GPS tracking you can see where your team is at all times.


Proposal Kit                                                     $10.00/month

Have our proposal kit sell your business for you, with a professional and personal design you can embed your estimate inside any of the proposal templates and be confident your customers will be beyond impressed.


Virtual Video Estimate                                       $10.00

Save travel time and still look professional with our contactless Virtual Video Estimates and do them all from the convenience of your home. Simply schedule a time with your customer and view their property all while discussing what services you can offer them. Then create an estimate you can easily send to your customer using Markate for them to view and accept.


Call Forwarding                                               $10.00/month

Never miss a call from a customer again…use your virtual number to its full extent and provide your customers the ability to call your virtual number without them even knowing, they will seamlessly be forwarded to your business phone number.