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Automated Postcard Marketing

It’s time to set up a drip campaign so you can start turning more leads into customers through personalized, one-to-one communication.

Drip Email Automation Marketing

Drip email marketing campaigns / Email automation that allow you to slowly roll out various messages for specific types of followers or customers based on specific actions they have taken on your website or purchases they have made in the past. Email automation

By customizing drip emails in a campaign, it is much easier to relay the right message and calls to action to individual groups of users regularly.

Run Deals

Attract New Customers With Quick and Easy Deals

SMS Blast

Markate makes sending text marketing campaigns as simple as starting one-on-one text message conversations, and our powerful features take SMS marketing to the next level.

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Design / upload Postcard using designer

Why You Should Use Postcard Marketing?

Postcard marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of any size. Small businesses in particular, stand to benefit the most thanks to the leverage a postcard campaign can provide.
Postcard marketing is the distribution of postcard advertisements to a targeted audience. It’s one of the most affordable forms of direct mail marketing, and allows for a ton of creativity. Businesses can design a custom postcard that they’d like to use to promote a new product or service, or just get the word out about their company. Then, they can select a certain area or target audience they’d like their postcards to be sent to. Using customer insights, companies can strategically select the neighborhoods or demographics they’d like to receive their ad.