Login to your Markate account.

Step 1: Go to Marketing > SMS Blast


Step 2: Click +Create SMS Blast



Step 3: You will be directed to the Create SMS Campaign page under Edit Campaign tab. Enter Campaign Name.



Step 4: Click Continue or Save it as Draft to continue later.

Step 5: Clicking Continue will direct to Select Customers tab, select All my Customers with Phone if you want to send to all customers from your Customers list, select To a Customer Group if you want to send to a particular set of Customers or select Only to Certain Customers if you want to select individual Customer. You can also select Customer Type i.e. Residential, Commercial or both.

Step 6: Click Continue


Step 7: It navigates to Build SMS tab where you can anytime edit the SMS message and insert Smart Tags. Click Continue.



Step 8: It navigates to Preview tab where select Schedule Campaign date and time if you want to schedule it later. Click Continue.



Step 9: It navigates to Purchase tab, enter Credit Card details and click Purchase.



Note: You get the Order Confirmation for your SMS Blast Campaign order. You can also download Invoice PDF for the same.



Step 10: Click Continue to Campaign

Step 11: It navigates to Preview SMS Campaign page. Here, you can perform below activities:

(A) Insights into your Campaign SMS

(B) SMS Logs.



Below is the video for SMS blast setup: