Welcome to Markate! We’re excited to have you and look forward to working with you!
To get the most out of Markate, we recommend following these steps to get your business account set up in the most efficient way, so you can run your business seamlessly.
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Please follow the steps below to set up a successful account


Step 1 – Import your Customers

To import your Customers from Quickbooks:



To Upload Files : Login to your account online, click on  account drop down and click Migrate Data as shown below.



Step 2 – Upload business logo, Setup Email Branding and customize Email/SMS templates

Send your emails more professionally. Display your business logo, name and a footer text in the emails sent to your customers.

To Upload Business Logo and set up Email Branding:

  • Go to https://www.markate.com/pro/settings/preferences/email
  • Type your name or your business name in “Email from Name”.
  • Type a custom message in “Email footer text”.
  • Under Logo section, click Upload Logo and choose your business logo.
  • Note that your business logo appears on emails, estimates, invoices and work orders.


To customize Email & SMS templates:


Step 3 – Setup Online Payments

To set up the Payment Method:

To set up the Invoice Payment settings:


Step 4 – Setup Notification options

To set up the Notifications:


Step 5 –  Setup default company terms

To set up Company Terms for Estimates:

To set up Company Terms for Invoices:

Have any questions? Just shoot us an email to support@markate.com, call us @ 480-360-1360 (Monday-Friday MST 8:00am-5:00 pm) or chat with us.
 We’re always here to help.

You’re ready to discover all the features Markate has to help your business run seamlessly!