Welcome to Markate! Thanks so much for joining us. You’re on your way to super-productivity and beyond!
Markate is a automated CRM, Finance and integrated Marketing app for service companies. Save time!!
Our number one tip to get the most out of  Markate is to follow the on-boarding steps and best practices to run your business seamlessly.  Super simple and just a click away.
Have any questions? Just shoot us an email to support@markate.com or call us @ 480-360-1360  We’re always here to help.
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The Markate Team

Please follow the steps below to setup a successful account


Step 1 – Setup Business Logo ,  Default Company terms

Your Logo will be displayed on email, estimate, invoice and work order

Step 2 –  Setup Credit Card Payments

To setup card payments, click here https://www.markate.com/pro/settings/payments/main



Step 3 – How do you want to Notify your customers?

Step 4 –   Customize Email / SMS templates to suit your business needs


Step 5 –   Navigate through the app?

Online Version

Step 6 – Connect your Quickbooks?




Last Step  –  Do you need help importing customers?

Please email us the CSV file to support@markate.com , our team will take care with in 1-3 business days. Please be advised, if you use plan on using QuickBooks with Markate then please sync your customers thru QuickBooks to prevent duplicated customers.


You are all set!! Lets schedule the first appointment.