Login to your Markate account.

Step 1: On top menu, hover over More and click Add-ons.

Step 2: On Add-ons page, you need to enable Customer Portal. To do that, toggle it ON.


Step 3: Once you purchase the Customer Portal Add-on, Enable Customer Portal pop up appears, click Manage.


Step 4: It navigates to Customer Portal page where you can add/edit Customer Portal App Name, Upload App icon and add/edit Welcome Message according to your business. After making changes, click Save.


Step 5: Once the Customer Portal setup is done, go to Customer’s view page (from top menu > hover over Sales > click Customers > click customer name).

Step 6: On Customer’s view, click Customer Portal tab.


Step 7: Here you can copy URL and share it to the respective customer through any medium or click Send Invite to email the link to the customer.

(You can also disable the Customer Portal access to individual customer anytime by simply toggling the Customer Portal Access to OFF.)


  • This is how customers  access Customer Portal. Customer can also install it as a App by clicking Install App.


  • The Dashboard of the App looks like this on web browser,


  • Customer can install the App on mobile device, the App icon shows up for quick access anytime. Clicking on App icon, the App looks like this to Customers:


Here is the video on Customer Portal setup: