Login to your Markate account.

Please Note: Store card on file option is only available Via Square payment processor

  • Click ‘Settings‘ icon. Click ‘Online Payments‘. Click ‘Setup‘ next to Square.


  • It navigates to Square page. Mark ‘Store customer cards on file‘ check-box. And, click ‘Connect to Square‘.


  • It navigates to Square Sign In page. You can enter your Square credentials and Sign In or Sign up if you do not have an account already.


  • Once you have setup Square payment method. It shows up as ‘ConfiguredON. You can turn it off anytime by simply toggling to OFF.


  • When you click Square Setup while it’s Configured , it shows up as ‘Configured and Connected‘ on Square page. Also, it shows Active checkbox ON. You can make it disable from here also anytime by turning OFF.


  • As you are done with Square Payment method setup, you can add Customer’s Square Card info for their invoice payments. For that, hover over Sales > Customers > Select a customer for whom you want to add card info and click ‘Cards on File‘ tab. Click ‘+Add Card‘ button.


  • It navigates to ‘Add Card‘ page. Enter Card info and click ‘Add Card‘.


  • Card gets added under ‘Cards on File‘ tab. You can delete the card by clicking ‘Manage‘ > ‘Delete‘.


  • For invoice payment, hover over Sales and go to Invoices. Select an Invoice for which payment to be made. Click ‘Pay-Card on File‘.


  • It navigates to ‘Pay with Card on File‘ page. Card which is added appears here and selected by default. You can either pay with this card or Use a new Card by clicking respective radio button.  Click ‘Pay Now‘.

Note: If you use a new card, Customer’s Card on File will be replaced with new card and future payments will be made with new card.


Once full payment is made, you can see Payment details on Invoice preview as shown in the below screenshot.