Step 1: Log in to your Markate Account.

Step 2: Go to Settings icon on top right > Online Payments. You can see different types of payment methods– Paypal, Square and WePay.


Step 3: Setup and configure the Payment Method(s). Let’s take an example of WePay. Click Setup. It will navigate to WePay page.


Step 4: Click Connect to WePay. It will direct you to the WePay login page where you can input your WePay credentials to connect.


Step 5: Once connected, you can see WePay Payment status, can disable or make inactive anytime.


Step 6: You can also toggle to OFF to make it inactive.


You are all set to accept payment through WePay. Similarly, you can setup and configure other payment methods like Paypal and Square.


Below is the video on the same,