Once you are logged in to your Markate Account on web,

Step 1: Hover over Sales and click Proposal Kit


Step 2: On Proposal Kit page, on Templates tab – click +Create template


Step 3: On Create Proposal Template page, enter Template Name and select Template Layout from the dropdown and click Continue.


Step 4: It navigates to the selected Template Layout where you can add and modify details as per your business type. For example- Add your Business Logo, add/modify images, insert Placeholders, add videos and Before/After photos to showcase your work etc.

Note: Placeholders will anyhow be replaced by the information mentioned on the Estimate.

You can refer below screenshots to get some idea,



2. To add video, click the Settings icon and enter Video ID under component Settings. You can copy Video ID from youtube video link. For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH7vuOGtbt8, the ID would be oH7vuOGtbt8



3. To link Proposal to a particular Estimate, go to New Estimate (https://www.markate.com/pro/track/estimates/add), scroll to Proposal Kit Template section and select Template from the dropdown. That Estimate will show up here.


4. To get customer’s e-signature here, turn ON Capture Customer e-Signature checkbox in Estimates Setting- https://www.markate.com/pro/settings/estimates/main

Once you submit an Estimate, your customer will see the Pay option in this section:


Step 5: Click Save to save the Template or Preview to see how it would look.

Step 6: To display your Social Media link icons on your Proposal, go to https://www.markate.com/pro/business/social_media and add links.

It would look like this to your customer,