Easily send your business (Facebook, Google, Yelp, Nextdoor, Markate) URLs via Emails and SMSes to your Customers so that they can review your work and get it published in your Business Profile.

Let’s see how to do it,

A) Sending Emails/SMSes automatically:

Step 1: Go to More > Add-ons > Ask For Review



Step 2: You can configure it according to your requirement. For Example- Enter your business (Facebook/ Google+/ Yelp) URLs in Facebook Review Page/ Google Review Page/ 

Step 3: Below that, there are two checkboxes for automating Emails and SMSes.

a) Enable ‘Invoice is marked as paid‘ if you want to send Ask For Review email/SMS every time the invoice has been fully paid.

b) Enable ‘Work Order is marked as completed‘ if you want to send Ask For Review email/SMS every time the Work order has been completed.



Step 4: Click Save.



B) Sending Emails/SMSes manually:

 Step 1: Go to Customers and click on the Customer to whom you want to send Ask For Review Email/SMS.


Step 2: Scroll to “Ask For Review” section.

Step 3: Click Ask For Review and then on Ask For Review pop up, click Send.

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Step 4: Click “Configure Add-on” (next to Ask For Review button) to navigate to configure the Ask For Review settings.


Here is the sample email: